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Government Platforms


The Government provides a huge number of services, helping millions of people to get things done. Often, the same functionality is repeated many times over across many different government services, at multiple levels. For example, booking appointments, making and receiving payments, or checking the status of an application. By adopting platforms, duplication is reduced, making services more efficient and quicker to build. This means that the rest of government can make use of the functionality as building blocks for other services. When this happens, the people can be freed-up to focus on how user needs can be best met, instead of reinventing the wheel.
Best of all, sharing a common platform allows government agencies to stand on the shoulders of others. Everyone benefits from sharing and reuse of research, design and technology efforts, and users get a consistent experience across different services.
For each platform, we’re starting small, focusing on the users, and working hand-in-hand with the rest of government. The platform can also be implemented into a mobile App, that can be use from any device. Where you can use and administrate the platform.
Our services main focus are:
We provide a base website templates tested for compliance with the Web Standards, reducing the risk of publishing inaccessible content. The platform has been through an independent security review, reducing the reputational risk of websites being compromised, along with regular patching and software updates, reducing the reputational risk of the website being compromised.
We also provide a base install, with website templates and features selected to meet the common requirements of government web projects. This allows websites to be set up with urgency and reduces time for projects, allowing the control to develop a website that is specific, without restriction on design and functionality.
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