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Various high-profile hacking attacks have proven that web security remains the most critical issue to any business that conducts its operations online.

Web servers are one of the most targeted public faces of an organization, because of the sensitive data they usually host. Securing a web server is as important as securing the website or web application itself and the network around it. If you have a secure web application and an insecure web server, or vice versa, it still puts your business at a huge risk. Your company’s security is as strong as its weakest point.

Although securing a web server can be a daunting operation and requires specialist expertise, it is not an impossible task. Long hours of research and an overdose of coffee and take away food, can save you from long nights at the office, headaches and data breaches in the future. Irrelevant of what web server software and operating system you are running, an out of the box configuration is usually insecure. Therefore one must take some necessary steps in order to increase web server security.

Service Details

➤Fight back against hackers

➤Web Security Audit

➤AntiVirus Scan

➤Review of system Logs

➤Patch CMS and extensions to help prevent future attacks

➤Review and adjust server side settings as needed.

➤Provide a report of actions you can take immediately to increase your sites defensive security posture as well as an audit report of findings.

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