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Privacy Policy



How do we use your personal information?

CAPMEGA gathers and uses your personal data to operate, improve and customize your products and services. Data gathered through a specific CAPMEGA service may be combined with data gathered through other CAPMEGA services in order to offer you a more cohesive and customized experience with us. We might also get complementary data from other sources. As an example, we might use third-party services to determine a general geographic area using your IP address, using said geographic data to show you a custom menu of the CAPMEGA services available in your region.
We might also use this data to send custom notifications on subscription expiration, security improvements or specific actions to take on your user account.

Reasons to share you personal data

We will share your data with your consent, or not at all.
Companies hired by CAPMEGA to provide customer-support, security and/or protection might need access to some of your personal data to perform said services. In such cases, this companies must conform to our privacy requirements, which include refraining from using personal customer data for purposes other than the fulfillment of their functions. We might also share personal data as part of a corporate transaction, merging or asset-sale procedures.
Finally, we may access, share and store your personal data, including private content (database records) if we deem it in good faith necessary for:
1. Remain in compliance with applicable law or responding to a valid legal procedure stemming from competent authority.
2. Protecting our customers, for example by preventing spam practices, phishing or other fraud attempts on other customers, preventing serious injury or death on any person;
3. Operating and mantaining the security on our services, including the prevention or stoppage of cyber attacks on our networks and/or systems;
4. Protecting CAPMEGA`s property or rights, including the application of our Terms of Service Policy; however, if we receive information indicating that someone is using our services for copyright infringement or trafficking stolen goods (wether this property belongs to CAPMEGA or to one of our customers), we will not breach our customer`s privacy, but we will notify the police or the proper authority to directly handle the situation.

Please keep in mind that some of our web pages and services include links to third-party pages and services, which don`t abide by CAPMEGA`s Privacy Policy. If you send personal data to this third-parties, your personal data will be subject to their respective privacy policies. To remove advertising from third-parties, you must acquire a PREMIUM account with our distributors.

Access to your personal data:

Some CAPMEGA services offer the ability to see or edit your personal data online. To help preventing other people gaining access to your personal data, you will be asked to login.

Customer support data:

Customer support data refers to any data gathered by CAPMEGA by way of customer-support requests, running automated support wizards, including data related to software, hardware or other details pertaining the failure or incident which triggered the support request. Examples of such data could be:
- Authentication and/or contact data.
- Hardware and/or software status at the time of failure or incident, as well as during diagnosis and repair.
- System and registry data pertaining hardware and/or software installation, configuration and/or operation logs.

We use customer support data as described in this Policy Privacy Statement, and we may also use it for training and formative purposes. Support may be provided by telephone, e-mail or live chat. We may need to use Remote Access (RA) with your express consent to temporarily browse your desktop. Telephone conversations, chat sessions and/or Remote Access sessions may be recorded or monitored. You may also access recorded RA sessions, as well as suspending RA or live chat sessions at your leisure. We may send you a customer-satisfaction poll after a support incident to know about your experience and suggestions. If you do not want to receive said polls, you must contact our support team or send an e-mail to requesting to be taken off our polling list. To review and edit your personal data gathered by our support services, please contact us at
Some customers might purchase improved support offerings (Premier or Pro plans, for instance). This offerings have their own Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Statements, available with our distributors.