App Development

Whether you need a native iOS, Android, Windows App or you prefer a hybrid App, we can help you.


Our automated backup helps to secure off-site servers, have a fast recovery in case of data loss.

Business Email

An electronic mail address that contains the commercial name of a company and are distinguished from personal emails.

Data Mining

Find the data you need from backups, logs, databases, websites, etc.

Digital Marketing

We provide Digital Marketing Services with the latest developments.

Document Digitization

The digitization of documents involves passing physical documentation to digital format.

Government Platforms

We provide a base install, with website templates and features selected to meet the common requirements.

IT Audit

We have extensive experience with auditing of servers and IT services, and security.

IT Consultancy

In all IT areas I can support as a consultant to help you create a new website or project.

Linux Servers

With almost 20 years of Linux server management experience, we can configure and manage any and all Linux-based servers.


Consists of sending mass advertising by email, looking to reach the largest number of people through a platform.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is an IT provisioning model in which a service provider leases dedicated servers and associated hardware to a single client.

Personnel Services

We handle placement and management of IT professionals for temporary positions.


Securing a web server is as important as securing the website or web application itself and the network around it.

SEO Services

For all public websites we have been working on improving web search engine optimization.


If you have needs that are not described here, please contact us so we can inform you of what we can offer.