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IT Audit


Information Technology (IT) Audit services focused on helping clients reduce risk while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

We have extensive experience with Auditing of Servers and IT services, and security. An audit examines the controls that the management has over its information systems while safeguarding the assets of the company, maintaining the integrity of the data, and if the company is operating efficiently to achieve the objectives of the company. We see our role not only as technicians but also as your resource, keeping you informed of how technology challenges may impact you and the provide you with the knowledge to take action.

For each Audit, a complete report will be submitted containing a list of the problems encountered, and for each problem of a risk analysis. With this information you will have everything you need to improve the Audited System. Our personnel have the education, required skills and professional industry certifications necessary to contribute to the success of your organization.We’re committed to providing high-quality client service and responsiveness to your needs.

Audits Offered

➤Security Audit and SEO for websites, see the section "SEO Optimization" for more information.

➤Audit of Security of Servers.

➤Audit of Electronic Mail.

➤Audit of Backups.

➤Audit of Procedures

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