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Image for KIO Administration System
Image for KIO Administration System

KIO Administration System

KAS was a management intranet system of KIO Networks that allows the entire organization to access all the data of a centralized system.
The system would take data from multiple sources, such as backup reports, servers and client operations data, human resources personnel data, logistics equipment, etc.
The data was manageable through easy user interfaces, and a blog would be readable in a very easy format.
The blog uses templates (for example, a server data template) that could be mixed with resources (for example, a specific server from a specific client) and then displayed as a Wikipedia page. In this way, some templates could show a huge amount of data about the entire company.
The blog was multilingual, requires access to view or modify pages, and could be mixed with multiple resources Features Intranet Multilingual Advanced blog based on "template / resource" and access permissions Time recording system Worker Customer registration system Customer backup monitoring system Workers' password management system.
  • Created by:Sven Olaf Oostenbrink
  • Completed on:July 13, 2018
  • Client: KIO

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